This is a blog about innovative piano playing. Pianologist consists of 2 pianists – KCLau and Rewsnat. We were coursemates studying Aeronautical Engineering at University Technology of Malaysia and graduated in year 2000. We love playing the piano. Although our playing is fine, but we still learn new things everyday. We will post the stuff we learn, we compose, or improvise in this blog.

Our definition of pianologist: a person who learn and play piano, at the meantime publicize his learning through a weblog.

If you have something to says, we always welcome guest pianologist! Just email your article to

About KCLau

KCLau picture

KCLau published 2 solo albums:

Kite Shepherd ?????

Simple Melody ?????

1. Professional music producer and arranger in Malaysia
2. Technics Piano Festival Competition finalist, 1995
3. Pianist of Hyatt Regency, Johor Bahru, 1999-2001
4. Music tutor, 1995-1999
5. Invited singer at various café and function, 1996-current

About Rewsnat

Rewsnat playing the white piano

Not a moment goes by without a melody lingering in my head. I drive to work humming charlie parker’s confirmation, and do my daily jogs with a salsa guaje as my rhythm. Yes, I’m seriously addicted to Jazz, and I welcome you to join my addiction.. 🙂

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    Reply Reply March 27, 2007

    kool website wor!

  • KC Lau

    Reply Reply March 27, 2007

    thanks! hope you like it

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