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I am a Be An Idol (aka BNI) member since 2005. I also personally met the website founder, Leslie Fong once in Kuala Lumpur for a very long supper after mid night. He is really a nice guy. I posted  some songs there and got a tons of constructive feedbacks from other songwriters and musicians. You can look at my profile here.

Recently, I am lucky enough to get an exclusive interview of the founder. Read the interview below and sign up as a member to get free advice, opinions and also some freebies if you don’t mind.

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KCLau: Please tell us briefly about the history of  Be An Idol (aka BNI).

BNI was started in May2004 and the idea is to gather the music writers together to learn, share and appreciate original composition. More writeup about BNI is available here.

KCLau: What is the main services provided by BNI to fellow musicians?

Leslie: Music writers are free to register at BNI. As a member, he/she can post comments and make votes to songs, lyrics or melodies and earn iPoints at the same time. Through the comments we encourage learning and collaboration between members.

In addition, music writer can seek help to complete the song like find-a-tune for the lyric or fill-in-the lyric for a given melody. We have many cases where the members are located in different location and collaborated online to complete a song.

At the same time, BNI does partner with few music writers to offer services like Music arrangement, lyric composition, mixing and mastering etc.. for more info please visit

KCLau: Do you give out any freebies?  🙂

Leslie: Yes! Each comment and vote will earn member some iPoints and it can be used to redeem gift such as CD and music arrangement services.

In addition to earning iPoints, the top commenter of the month that earn the more iPoints thru giving useful and value-added comments will be given a free music CD.

For more info please visit BNI Listen and Win.

KCLau: How do you keep the composers so addicted to BNI? I see some of them visit it almost everyday!

Leslie: The strong value proposition of BNI is the rich in content and the collaboration effort within the members. Especially in the commenting section where music writer can receive good feedback or even tips for his own self improvement. We award iPoints (from 1 to 20 points) by looking at the context of the comment.

KCLau: What is BNI’s next big event?

Leslie:BNI is working with few composers, lyricists and producers to launch a DIY album in early or mid 2008. We are looking around BNI to invite different genre of music writers to join the BNI Exclusive. Songs in this section will be re-polished and signed under BNI publishing right.

BNI also working with some publishers in the region to promote BNI Exclusive Songs to the music labels.

KCLau: What do you foresee about BNI’s future?

Leslie: BNI is an open platform and hope to offer all music writers a more transparent space to learn, express and share their good work and at the same time, the talent to be spotted.

The main aim is to evolve BNI as an online music publisher and work directly with the various music labels and producers to spot the good song within BNI as BNI strongly believes all original composition songs deserve equal exposure opportunity and not shelf by the music publisher.

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