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I like to read about the most recent release of musical gears such as software synthesizers, the latest keyboards, workstation, mixer etc. But to write a review about it, I find it very difficult to do because in Malaysia, we can hardly touch those gears or even see one displayed at the music store. We’ll most likely find some consumer range items, but not those pro audio gears. Nonetheless, I love to read news, reviews and listen to demo or watching the video about those hi-tech stuff.

In the process of knowing more about the gears, I had created some Squidoo lenses about them. Those lenses compile all the useful links to the reviews, prices, download, product homepage, videos or manual about a specific musical gear. You can look at the lenses I created below:

Professional USB Studio Condenser MicrophoneClavia Nord Wave Synthesizer
Kurzweil PC1X 88-keys Performance Controller Keyboard
Jazz Mutant Dexter
Cakewalk Studio Instruments
DigiTech Vocalist Live

If you don’t have a blog, but you like to compile certain resources about the things you are passionate about, you can try Squidoo. Read about how you can earn long term passive income by creating Squidoo lenses.

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