EarMaster Essential 5 Review

EarMaster Essential is one of the ear training products by EarMaster. I received a review copy on my mailbox from eMedia (the distributor), and immediately installed it on my PC.

The CD-ROM comes in a nicely packed hard case. As expected from the aesthetically pleasing packaging, the software delivers thoroughly everything as promised on the cover.

What is it?

EarMaster Essential 5 presents an ear training solution with the core features of EarMaster Pro 5 at a lower price.
It is an easi-to-follow interactive ear training software, helping to enhance your musicianship by training up your listening skills.

There are 139 progressive lessons including classical music to rock including jazz chords, swing rhythms and a customized mode to practice according to your own needs.


The CD-ROM is a hybrid for both Windows (98, 2000, Me, XP and Vista) and Macintosh (OS X 10.4.11+, Intel and Power PC) platforms. You will need the serial number during installation.

Interval Identification

The most basic fundamental of ear training is interval. There are two module of trainings in interval – interval comparison and interval identification.
Interval comparison exercise is perfectly suitable for beginners. You don’t need music theory to identify the answer. All you need is to hear the difference.
For the Interval Identification exercise, EarMaster Essential plays a harmonic or melodic interval. You will be required to transcribe tones on the piano, guitar or notesheet, or simply identify the name.

EarMaster Jazz Tutor

What interested me is the EarMaster Jazz Tutor, which is a more advanced version compared to the standard tutor. It provides chords identification exercises. You will be asked all sorts of jazz chording such as maj7#5, minormaj7 etc. It is challenging enough to get me focus on the training for the entire evening!

EarMaster Essential 5

EarMaster Essential 5

Rhythm Reading

As a pianist, rhythm reading is one the most challenging task. Unlike drummer, our minds are often occupied by the amount of notes we need to hit right, which is also the main reason we neglect the proper rhythmic training. EarMaster comes with the solution to provide you a solid rhythm reading exercise. The virtual tutor accurately points out whether you hit the note right on time, or slightly earlier or too much off!

Keep your score

All the drills you do will be tracked. This allows you to monitor your progress by simply viewing the statistic.
This is also one of my favorite features of EarMaster. I can identify the progress I made in the past. I can even realize whether I take shorter time to respond to the questions.

Download EarMaster

Download and install a free trial. Try it out!

So far, I’ve never used a better ear training software other than EarMaster!

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