Pianologist are getting review from We are most delighted to find that they actually rated our blog pretty well.

Here is what Blograters say about us:

KCLau and CEFam have a very useful blog. They have links for the beginner Easy Steps to Play a Chord all the way to several links on writing your own music Full Arrangement in 60-Minutes

This site has something for everyone interested in playing the piano. They cover playing the piano, making your own music, piano news, and lots more. Their posts are informative and their links are useful as well. If you play the piano and haven’t looked at this blog you owe it to yourself to pay it a visit.”

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Blograters’ main task is to review all the other blogs. There is no limitation of what kind of blog they review, but made sure your blog had nothing to do with sex and pornography. Pay them a visit to get your blog reviewed!

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