An Insight into Jazz Improvisation

We pianologist came to know about this site when it actually linked to a few of our articles. And we are very happy to find someone who shares the same line of thought as we do, although the moderator of the site, Rick, is actually a trumpeter. But his articles about improvisation quite thoroughly layout all the essential elements in mastering jazz improvisation, regardless of what instrument.

Any jazz musician should check out this site, especially when you are stuck and just don’t know how or what to improve on your jazz playing. Here is the link.

I was doing all right (All about Jazz Improvisation)

Check it out. Who knows you might stumble upon some tips and tricks that might speed up your improvement.

Also don’t forget the FREE ear training software Rick has installed for you guys. Although it may not be the one of a kind software out there, but I personally tried it and find that its enough to give your ears a big workout.

Ear Training Software

Keep in mind that ear training is a long process of slowly nurturing your ears to learn and memorize what it hears. So don’t expect a miracle in just 2 weeks of using this software.  Be patient, and slowly you will be hearing what you never thought your ears could pick up. Have fun and enjoy….

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