Pat Metheny Mp3 and Transcription – And Then I Knew

Pat Metheny, one of the prominent jazz guitarist of the era, highly versatile in many styles of music. He studied only one semester in the University of Miami, but was straightaway offered a teaching position. Working with pianist Lyle Mays in the Pat Metheny Group, they have produced quite a number of memorable tunes over the years.But I would like to focus on here is this song, written by Lyle Mays, that’s certainly one of my favourite jazz song. The song is titled “And Then I Knew”, I still couldn’t figure out why its so underrated among all his other songs. Check it out for yourself and see what you think of it.

and then i knew

Cool song isn’t it. Great composition, nice melodic phrasing and improvisation on the guitar, coupled by a nice expressive tone. Well, for any of you who is dying to do this song, here is the full, exhaustingly lenghty transcription of it.

Pat Metheny(And Then I Knew)

You will find a lot of nice chordings throughout the whole song. Many chord extensions into the 7th or 9th. It should be noted however that most of the ninth chord notated in the transcription actually consist of the 7th also. For instance an Em9 would consist of E,G,B,D,F#, whereas an Fmaj9 would consist of F,A,C,E,G.

In case any of you miss out on my previous post, I did a song of my own, loosely inspired by the arrangement of this song. Do check out this funny funky music video I made, featuring some cool keyboard and piano solo, you won’t regret it. 🙂
(pardon the urge for promotion..hehe)
Have fun and enjoy…..


ps. If you really like the Metheny song, buy the CD or DVD, the mp3 above is not for downloading purposes.

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  • Leroy Harlen

    Reply Reply February 24, 2011

    This is NOT written by Lyle Mays. This is clearly Metheny’s work. No doubt that Mays helped with his usual bits here and there, but this has Metheny’s fingerprints all over it and is listed as Metheny/Mays. There are many songs with that moniker that Mays had absolutely nothing to do with (i.e. Are You Going with Me).

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