Listen by Beyonce Knowles Transcription Transposed

A few months ago, there was a post on Pianologist with solo piano video of popular Dreamgirls song, Listen, by Beyonce Knowles. Where full transcription / sheet music was provided.

Listen by Beyonce Knowles – Solo Piano Video and Sheet Music

It has received overwhelming support from readers around. Here’s the video in case you’ve missed it,


However, the video and transcription provided was in the original key of B major

Readers have been contacting me through e mail and comments to help transpose the original transcription up a half step to C major, to make it easier to play.

Here it is,


Enjoy and have fun….

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  • paul allen

    Reply Reply July 30, 2008

    really enjoyed LISTEN on piano,especially like getting the transriptions for both left and right hand piano parts,only ish we could see like this on the website.
    many thaks

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