Learn how to play solo piano version of “On Green Dolphin Street”

Learn solo jazz piano arrangement of jazz standard “On Green Dolphin Street” with video, transcription and some theory.

On a lazy afternoon, I decided to take a walk on green dolphin street.. 😀
Check out what I came up with in this video.


Here is the transcription of the first few minutes of my video on this great jazz standard.



According to The Jazz Piano StudyLetter,

  • Upper structures are triads played in the right hand which have a different root from the left-hand chord.”

Here is an example of upper structure being applied in my video, cutout from bar 8 of the transcription provided


  • Orginal chord intended here is a simple G7 to C7
  • Upper structure applied on the C7 chord, with the right hand playing the Bb augmented triad
  • Result is a 9th and a raised 11th on a C7 chord

As mentioned in earlier posts

Quartal voicings are made up of notes stacked a fourth apart, as opposed to the usual triads where notes are stacked a third apart

Here are examples of quartal voicings being applied in my video, cutout from the transcription.

You will notice how quartal voicings in the right hand are used to provide extensions to the original chord.

Example 1


bar 7

  • Original chord is an Eb major
  • F, Bb and Eb is the 9th, 5th and root of the Eb major chord, respectively.
  • Thus turning it into an Ebmaj9 chord

Example 2


bar 9

  • Original chord is an F minor
  • C, F and Bb is the 5th, root, and 11th of the F minor chord, respectively
  • Thus turning it into an Fm11 chord

Example 3


Bar 13

  • Original chord is an Ab minor
  • Eb, Ab and Db is the 5th, root, and 11th of the Ab minor chord, respectively
  • Thus turning it into and Abm11 chord

Just to keep you interested, here’s the great Chick Corea’s version of this jazz standard. Sorry I have to put this video way down here, I would need a lot of courage to put it side by side my own video.. 😀


Enjoy and have fun…

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  • harim

    Reply Reply June 25, 2008

    Hey!great arrangement is there a way i can see your whole transcription?thanks

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