Joe Sample’s Street Life Transcription

There was a really nice post in pianologist not long ago, showing a very nice video of joe sample and randy crawford doing this song called street life. I’m sure there are lots of you out there who’s trying to this song with their band or something. Unfortunately I don’t have this version of streetlife, but another version featuring Joe on rhodes. Here is the transcription of it.

Joe samples Street Life Transcription

the first line of the score shows the nice riffs on rhodes as played by Joe, that blended so well with the groovy basslines and drums. The second and third line shows the chords in the bridge section of the song. Followed by a transcription of his solo. Please note that the semiquavers in the song are mainly played in a shuffle feel throughout, but Joe did a mixture of normal and shuffle feel semiquavers in his solo, you would have to listen to it to get the idea.

So….. have fun and enjoy!!!!

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  • John

    Reply Reply November 5, 2008

    Click on the above link for the real version of street life piano solo

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