Jazz Solo Transcription of On Green Dolphin Street – 2

Learn how to improvise a solo over Jazz Standard On Green Dolphin Street, with transcription, video and brief analysis.
This is the solo piano video of the jazz standard posted by theimprovisor. The transcription I’ve prepared for this post is from 02m57s until 03m45s of the video


Here’s my transcription in PDF format.


Chromatic Movement of Patterns

  • It is always safe to move a similar pattern chromatically to create an interesting effect in your solo lines.
  • This technique can be use in almost ANY chord changes, but there must be a point of resolution, usually a chord tone.

An example is seen here in bar 16 of the transcription


  • A series of augmented chords moving chromatically upwards.
  • Point of resolution is at the next bar, bar 17, with chord tones from a Cmaj9 chord.


Hope you find this transcription and analysis educational. Feel free to drop a comment for any further enquiries.
Have fun and Enjoy… 🙂 

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