Bill Evans Autumn Leaves Transcription of Solo

Bill Evans, one of the most influential american jazz pianist of the 20th century. Countless studies have been made on his use of left hand harmonies, but what i want to focus on here is his beautifully improvised melody lines.
Here I have for you guys is my transcription of his solo also through the song autumn leaves.Hope that all of you can benefit from it as much as i did, but don’t forget to …..enjoy and have fun!!!

Bill Evans Solo Autumn Leaves

Also check out the video clip here


  • Henrik

    Reply Reply January 31, 2009


    From what recording is the solo from “Autumn Leaves” by Bill Evans?

    Yours sincerely


  • Bruce

    Reply Reply March 11, 2009

    Thanks for the great transcription. This looks to me like the stereo version from Portrait.

    I’d very very interested in anyone’s thoughts about what patterns Bill Evans is following on the solo. It looks to me that he’s mostly following a diminished pattern.


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