Easy Tweaks for Better Music PC Performance

I use my PC for music production. Most musicians use PC as their main “instrument”. It has to do recording, sequencing, running the Windows OS, hosting virtual instrument, streaming audio through the soundcard, and probably connected to the internet while you are doing all those music producing job. So here are a few tricks taken from Keyboard Magazine about how to tweak your PC for better music production performance.

1. Clean your components – Dust contributes to overheating. So make sure you clean your PC often.

2. Use separate buses for audio – If you lack USB port or Firewire port, get an additional PCI card. Don’t use the cheap extension hub.

3. Defrag the hard disks – beside the Windows XP Disk Defragmentor, try Diskeeper too.

4. Disable Non-essential visual effects – Right-click on My Computer, select Properties, and click the Advanced Tab. Click the Performance Settings button, and then select the “Adjust for best performance” option. This will turn off the extra visual effects.

5. Test the RAM frequently – if your PC always restarts, it is probably caused by bad RAM. Try the free utility Memtest86+.

6. Use a dedicated PC for music production – this is my advice actually. I got two PCs. The latest one is solely for music production. All other stuff is still done with my old PC – include blogging 🙂

I am sure that these tricks will improve your PC performance by a certain percentage. If you know some other tricks, please let us know in the comment. Thanks!


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