Songwriting: Where do you begin?

Get your perfect environment for songwriting? Now the next question arise: where do I begin? I am going to show you how I begin writing a song. I am sure that you will have some other place to begin with, do tell me about it. Here is how I begin:

1.       Sing a “hook” melody – “hook” is a short phrase for the central theme. All other melody lines are built from the “hook” and sounds supporting the “hook”. If I can get a great “hook” to begin with, getting the whole song written is just a piece of cake.

2.       Play a chord sequence – I experiment with different chord sequence. When I want to write something original to my own style, I’ll use some odd chord progression that I am not used to play. Sometimes I use the chord progression of my favourite songs.

3.       Create a piano licks – I will improvise until I get a piano licks which is really interesting. From there I will buildup the relevant melody.

4.       Throw in loops – this method is crucial for up-tempo songs, fast, rhythmic and groovy, especially for hip hop and R & B. I will repeat the loop non-stop. Throw in some chord progressions and build the melody.

So what is your favourite beginning point of writing a song?

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