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Frankly speaking, I wrote all the songs in my studio. Yes, in my studio! What a dull place right? Some successful songwriters get extremely creative when they are at a peaceful mountains or beautiful beaches. But for me, all those creative moment happen in the studio. The reason is simple: it is the best place for me to record those creations.

So it is very important to get my studio comfortable. These are some strategies to boost the creative process:

1.       Wear comfortable clothes – I wear only shorts most of the time and topless. Hey, I am a guy anyway.

2.       Alone – this is very important. I can’t even think about being creative when there is someone in my studio. Since my studio is in my house, the best time for me to write songs is when there is nobody in the house. Even when my wife is around, I can’t be creative at all. Too much distraction will harm the process.

3.       Turn off your phone – Sorry, no distraction!

4.       Plain water – I hum most of the melody instead of playing it on the piano. Get thirsty pretty quick. Unlike some legendary songwriters – I don’t take caffeine, no cigarette, no alcohol. I don’t need ecstasy to be creative.

5.       Dim halogen light – you should get the mood on!

So what’s your preferred environment or favourite places for songwriting? Tell me please.


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