Hard to get inspiration for songwriting? Try these crazy ideas!

There are times when it just happens! You suddenly hear something in your mind. Some great sounding melody line. You try to memorize it hard. Whistle it loud. Hum it repetitively, fearing that it will be gone before you can record it down.
I bring my PDA along and hope that I can record something when I feel inspired. No wonder there are so many portable recorders designed for musician to record their creation instantly. How does it happen? Where is the inspiration come from? Try these:

1. Dumb your girl/boy friend. Or get dumped by them instead. Extreme sadness might inspire you.
2. Read the latest Harry Porter and imagine the film score playing. Jot down what you hear.
3. Listen hard to the songs you hate. You can definitely write something better than that!
4. Watch a movie with your eyes close.
5. Ask your mom to hum a melody line … and create some variations from there
6. Hum something in extraterrestrial language.
7. Get naked and start writing!

Any more crazy ideas?

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  • kitcha

    Reply Reply November 19, 2009

    I always put all the light off and the only thing that is on will be my keyboard and computer lights glowing. i feel very secured doing this and it allows me enter into the land of composing/ideas for composting. So that said, I hate lights when I have to create something. after all, most of the humans are also created with lights off only lol

  • Daniel

    Reply Reply February 11, 2010

    I enjoyed the lesson,i wish i can get to know,and have a chat with you,i want know all that is all about.Thanks

  • Phil Vo

    Reply Reply April 15, 2011

    I like number 3 and 7. LOL. love it. it works!

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