Free Songwriting Tips Roundup #1

I personally read 5-10 other music related blogs. There aren’t many out there. Here are some links to great article published recently. If you are interested to start a music related blog, refer this informative post on 5 Easy Steps to Host Your Own WordPress Blog

Jeff wrote an article about taking listener on a journey with good song writing.He also listed the necessary tools songwriter needs. It is always better to picture your song journey before writing it.
Don from Blogging Muses participated in the Problogger group writing projects with Top 5 ways to cure writer’s block. Don also put up a post dedicated to songwriters, songwriting sites, and anyone else who would like a free link on Blogging Muses.
So much music had been written and you probably won’t be able to listen to all of them. Want some recommendation? Take a look at 40 Albums That Rolling Stone Got Wrong.
Electronic Musician Blog – The Bus writer Mike Levine gives advice about how to Get Your CD’s Info into the iTunes Database. If you release your own CD, wouldn’t it be great if the listeners can read your album info when they play it in iPod?

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