Can I Write Songs If I can’t Sing?

I am not going to tell you that you can’t write a song if you can’t sing, because I might be wrong.

Many songwriters can’t sing
It is hard for me to show you an example here. I am a songwriter and I do singing everyday. And most other songwriters I know sing too. Some of them are even greater singers than the original artist. But the inability to sing shouldn’t stop you from writing songs.

Every melody are created twice
At first, the music is created in your mind. When you sing it out, it is already the second time of its creation. If you can’t sing, learn other musical instruments that can represent your music. A flute, a violin, a guitar or a saxophone can be played melodically that it sounds like singing as long as you can master the instrument.

You are the songwriter, not the singer
Who’s going to bother if you can’t sing? Audience don’t know you. They just recognize the vocalist.

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Last but not least, if you can’t sing, you can’t dance, go for American Idol audition 🙂 Show Simon Cowell that you can at least write a great song.

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