10 Different New Approaches to Write Effective Melody

We all use the same 12 notes. The only differences is the order of the note and its duration. If you got no inspiration at this moment, why not try something new to approach your songwriting?

10 suggestions for new approach

10. use musical notation software to write out the melody without playing it. In this case, use your mouse to point

9. try new softwares, new drum machine, new gears to get inspired. To get started, try some free music softwares.

8. use your existing gears, try different patches or sounds. You can dive into the program editing function and synthesize inspiring sounds with layers, modulation etc.

7. if you used to write song with musical instrument, now create some melodies without them.

6. venture into musical style you had never try before: rap?? hip-hop?? jazz??? big band??? broadway????? you name it.

5. arrange chords in different orders. New chord progression might spark your creativity.

4. learn some new chords or voicing techniques, then create melody on top of it.

3. learn unfamiliar mode or scale.

2. try karaoke – you will be surprised that this works!

1. use Melody Palette

Still can’t get your creative brain to work? This is the last tip from Pianologist: READ BOOKs!

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