We Work hard to Play Fur Elise

Those who learn piano probably had played Fur Elise in their lesson. Now we know that Rewsnat from Pianologist doesn’t know how to play that simple song. In order to cope with his embarrassment, we are digging all the possible ways to play Fur Elise. At the end, we never realize that there are actually so many version of Fur Elise. Look at these:

Play Fur Elise the crazy way: (only the first 30 seconds) โ€“ master uses hands to play, not the fingers ๐Ÿ™‚


Play Fur Elise on two electric guitar – Pianologist don’t play guitar ๐Ÿ™


HP Scanner can play Fur Elise โ€“ Rewsnat should ask the person who request the song, โ€œGo get a HP scanner. It plays Fur Elise better than I doโ€


Play Fur Elise the funky way โ€“ I think GovernorWatts’s version still not funky enough. Probably Rewsnat should show our readers how Fur Elise sounds like in funky version?!!!


This is the original Fur Elise


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