Tutorial on Assigning Target Tones in Jazz Solo Improvisation

Forward Motion Application on Jazz Bebop Au Privave Solo Improvisation, with video and analysis.

Check out this video of my solo improvisation over popular jazz bebop tune “Au Privave

This is the solo line at 00m16s of the video


Improvising a string of eight notes connected over a few bars, would be a difficult task without the a guide of some sort. This is where target tones come in.

Here are the target tones for each chord.


These target tones are basically chosen from one of the chord tones.  

Observe how these target tones at “1” and “3” of each bar help keep the string of eight notes “intact”.

I mentioned in an earlier post the importance of counting in half time when improvising over such a bebop tune. With this in mind, we straight away see the benefit of assigning half note values to the target tones.

Also take note, even if there’s only one chord in a particular bar, we should assign two half note value target tones to it.  As shown in the third bar above with the static F chord.

This post is part of a series dealing with Hal Galper’s Forward Motion Theory.

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Until then, Have fun and Enjoy… 😀


  • Spiderman

    Reply Reply January 21, 2009

    Great! keep going Brilliant………

  • Keith Hassel

    Reply Reply August 4, 2010

    Thanks for this info I’m new and could not find this type of tutorial help until now keep it going.

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