Piano News Around the Web 2007-07-12

1. James Blunt’s piano which he used to composed You’re Beautiful is up for sale at Bonhams’ in London. You’re Beautiful has become a UK wedding favourite — while Goodbye My Lover is a hit at funerals. I think it is better to auction the piano after the owner passed away. Look at how much John Lennon’s piano is worth nowadays.

2. Musix posted the free Steinway piano soundfont. It is an open source project. You can really download the soundfont without paying a cent.

3. Sega Toys launched another new product: Hello Kitty mini baby grand piano. It is 3.6kg in weight, 18cm high, 25cm wide, featuring 100 jazz and classical standards. It is sold for around US$554. This is obviously the cousin of grand pianist.


4. Hon Lam Li or better known as Patrick, designed the Wall Piano. There are two microphones attached on the wall surface acting like human ears for the computer. He made a program that could translate those wall hits into piano keys. The harder you hit the wall, the higher pitch will be produced.

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