Learn Jazz Chord Voicing with 3-6-9

Jazz chord always comes with lots of tension. Tension is formed with the notes other than the normal basic triad. This video shows a simple but fantastic sounding voicing method. You just need to play 5 notes with your 10 fingers.

2 notes on the left – Play Root + minor 7th
3 notes on the right – Play 3-6-9 ( Major 3d, Major 6th, Major 9th)

For root on A, the complete 5 notes are A, G, C#, F#, B

Although the chord is voiced sparsely, but it sounds so full with tension. This is due to the use of 3 tension notes i.e. 6th (F#), 7th (G), 9th (B). Unlike conventional voicing, the fifth is omitted. No E!



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