How to Play Summertime, Funky Groovy Style…

Summertime, one of the most played jazz number of the century. A jazz musician who hasn’t heard of this song, is like a classical musician who has never heard of Fur Elise. Here is me and my band mates doing our version of this song, the funky way….


Ok, for those of you who don’t already know, the blog actually consists of two moderators, one is KcLau ( a very great pianist) and the other one is yours humbly, me, rewsnat. Well most of you have already seen KcLau in action in previous posts, now you have finally seen me.

Of course I must apologize for the poor recording quality which I am reluctant to explain. But if you still insist on knowing the reason anyway, here is why. Just like there is a Rich Dad and a Poor Dad, there is also a rich pianologist, KcLau and a poor pianologist, rewsnat. Whereby the rich pianologist is the one with all those hi tech viewcams and stuffs, while the poor pianologist is only left with a crappy laptop with a crappy webcam..hehe. And in case you are wondering how rich pianologist became rich, feel free to check out his blog on making money tips,  

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