Best Youtube Jazz Pianist

Who is the best jazz pianist on Youtube??

To answer this question, I’ve spent hours reviewing tonnes of jazz piano videos on youtube. I finally decided to place my vote on 7notemode.

To find the best jazz pianist on youtube, we must first ask, what defines a good jazz pianist. Here are a few “criterias” for good jazz piano playing that I’ve listed, and how 7notemode fulfill each one of them with excellence.
Good Solo Improvising Skills

A good jazz pianist must be able to improvise solos on the spot even over complex harmonies. But the solo need also be melodious, lyrical, with good control over tension and release, not meaningless execution of jazz scales and licks.
Check out 7notemode playing Route 66, and see how “lyrical” he can be.

Mastery of Jazz Harmony

A good jazz pianist must know the theory of jazz harmony well, and furthermore, know the right time to apply these techniques.
Check out 7notemode’s version of Round Midnight for a taste of jazz harmony at its best

A good jazz pianist must be able to groove. No matter how nice the choice of notes and chords maybe, a song that fails to groove is never a good song.
See how 7notemode orchestrated the tune Lush Life on solo piano, sometimes grooving harder then an entire band

Versatile in various forms of music

A good jazz pianist must be able to play different styles of jazz music.
Check out 7notemode playing in bossa nova style, with this song The Dolphin

Physical Prowess

Although Jazz piano playing is not always about running your fingers up and down the keys, but it can still sometimes be demanding physically on the pianist. For example, the need for good hand independence for boogie woogie piano playing, or octaves playing in latin jazz.
Many would question why I decide to put this next video by 7notemode under this physical prowess section. Well, sometimes it’s the little things that show us the big things. We all know how well 7notemode can run scales even with both hands together, but observe in this video how he manage to stretch a series of 10th harmonic intervals in his left hand with ease
I’ve yet to see him play some fast stride piano, but I can be certain that it wouldn’t be a big problem. 


A good jazz pianist may possess all the technical skills required, but he’s still nothing if he doesn’t play from the heart.
Here’s another side of 7notemode, playing a sentimental tune by Burt Bacharach

Other Great Jazz Pianists on Youtube

Besides 7notemode, I’ve also stumbled upon some other great jazz pianist on youtube.
Here’s one of them, that goes by the nick Lot2Learn, soloing over one of the most difficult tune in Jazz, Giant Steps

And don’t forget our good old Doug McKenzie

Of course I dare not say that I’ve viewed ALL the jazz piano videos on youtube, but if you feel that you can do better than he did, or you have other recommendations, you are always welcome to post your link in the comment section.. 🙂

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  • 7notemode

    Reply Reply September 27, 2007


    I am speechless. Your kind words and praise are so meaningful to me. When I started posting to youtube, I did not know if my playing would receive a positive reception or not. You have encouraged me to continue further down the musical path I am currently on. Thank you for your wonderful comments. It means even more coming from someone who is so knowlegeable and has an educated ear.


    • Freddie Alcantar

      Reply Reply June 13, 2010

      You are truly a matster at the craft just watched your video Ioved your teaching method of voicings but most of all your playing Thanks so much for sharing your knowlege. Yours Truly Freddie A

  • rewsnat

    Reply Reply September 27, 2007

    great jazz pianist Lot2learn sent me a private message, saying:

    “I agree with you – 7Notemode gets my vote as well! It’s hard to believe that he does not perform anywhere except on YouTube.”

    guess I’m not alone in casting my vote to 7notemode.. 🙂

  • Jan Johansson

    Reply Reply June 7, 2008

    Just want to say that I really like 7notemodes’ pianoplaying especially
    Crystal Silence on the Cp-300 from Yamaha.

    I have tried the Yamaha Modus F11(with moving keys) Love to death.
    It has a great acc.pianosound.

    Greetings from amateur pianoplayer Jan Johansson

  • Hermas Haynes

    Reply Reply June 23, 2008

    I totally agree with your selection of 7NoteMode as the Best YouTube Jazz Pianist. He is indeed a singular talent, with technical depth, impeccable improvisational skill and wonderful imagination.

    Your picks in the “Other Great Jazz Pianist on YouTube” category get my vote as well. Lots2Learn is a very excellent improviser and Doug McKenzie is the most unselfish teacher on YouTube.


  • chet

    Reply Reply March 1, 2009

    Here is a great jazz piano player

  • steve b

    Reply Reply March 26, 2010

    I agree with you … might also want to consider Alfonso Gugliucci, also known as pianistataliano….he’s so smooth….but I agree 7notemode and of course Doug MacKenzie have given thousands of youtube piano listeners great pleasure, and, show great generosity in their ability to share their wonderful skills……..on another note check out Beegie Adair…….

    • KCLau

      Reply Reply April 2, 2010

      Thanks for the recommendation. I like the smooth thing!

  • Mike A

    Reply Reply May 14, 2010

    Agreed. 7notemode is the best there is. He should go pro.

  • G. Evans

    Reply Reply July 23, 2010

    I just happened to run across your playing by typing in YouTube, Piano Jazz.
    You are mesmerizing! I have played for several years, but I have always wanted to learn to play jazz. I play by chord, but just seem to learn how to improvise to the extent you do. I also cannot play by ear. Keep putting more songs on YouTube. Thank you for the entertainment. – G

    • KCLau

      Reply Reply July 23, 2010


      With a lot of practice, I believe you can do it too.

  • Phil Watson

    Reply Reply January 6, 2011

    I agree with the comments about 7notemode, he is an exceptional talent ,as is lot2learn and pianistitaliano Alfonso , all top class . For me tho for raw talent check out centauron on YouTube , that is natural skill and raw talent which I personally think is the best.

  • Don G

    Reply Reply February 12, 2011

    7notemode was a dream find for me. This is exactly the kind of music I’ve always wanted to play but couldn’t because I never studied piano and can’t read music. But I have learned to play “Misty” and “Tenderly” after endless hours of memorizing the finger placements that are highlighted in blue on his tutorials. Without those visual aids I could never have found the chord changes in a hundred years. My profound thanks to that fellow as well as to other artists who are kind enough to share their knowledge and talents with persons like myself.

  • El

    Reply Reply March 6, 2011

    I have to say, whilst 7notemode is very talented, I think Pianistaitaliano is more deserving of the title of best youtube jazz pianist.
    Compare 7notemode’s ‘Round midnight to Pianistaitaliano’s version:

    It’s absolutely amazing.

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