This week in the Piano world 5th July 2007

1. Chick Corea collaborate with another master of instrumentalist, Bela Fleck who plays the banjo release a collaboration CD and DVD titled The Enchantment. The music is written and recorded during their preparation for the recent tour. Both banjo and piano are percussion instruments with strings.You will hear some classical plus jazz elements.
Track list: Senorita, Spectacle, Joban Dna Nopia, Mountain, Children’s Song #6, A Strange Romance, Menagerie, Waltse for Abby, Brazil, The Enchantment, Sunset Road.

2. When I look at the title of this video: Best young piano player in the world, I thought it is Ethan Bortnick whom I covered his story once at Pianologist. After watching the video,I felt so disappointed. The 7 years old pianist in this video faked all the way acting to play like a jazz master. When the camera is not shooting his fingers, we can definitely tell that it is not real. It is even funnier when at the end, there is some high notes crunch but he moved his left hand downward to lower register. Haha … but people liked to watch this video and argue about it. Nonetheless, it can test whether you know about piano.



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  • KCLau

    Reply Reply July 7, 2007

    This kid definitely is a bad actor. But I can’t believe that there are still people voting the video REAL ???

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