The Latest Piano News 29-06-2007

1. Alkanian and Isaacholbrook played an amazing duet classical piano piece with only right hands. I watched the video, it will at least take us Pianologist 1-2 weeks of daily practice to pull off something like that. They played it synchronized and terribly quick tempo. You can watch the video here.

2. There is an Open Directory Project (ODP) at which supply directory to Google and other search engine. ODP is a non-profit project that pride themselves to provide the best and useful online directory. It is worth to take a look at their Piano directory at Google directory page. The best thing is that you can browse the listing sorted according to PageRank, Google’s patented website ranking algorithm.

3. Mike Yamamoto write about a new product from Yamaha, the EZ-200 keyboard to debut in August. EZ-200 keyboard has a “follow-the-lights” system that even tone-deaf types people can learn to play keyboard.

Yamaha EZ-200 Lighted Keys Keyboard Resources and Reviews 

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  • Kwame Pinkrah

    Reply Reply October 11, 2009

    I think on the other hand that this type of keyboard should come with a new breed of functions like the touch response and one more octave addition.

    I think this would do………………………………

    Hope this would be given the due consideration.

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