The Most Expensive Piano Ever: Swarovski Piano at Auction!

This is a Swarovski-Bosendorfer semi-concert grand piano plastered with 8,000 hand-cut Swarovski crystals, making it the most expensive piano ever auctioned at You can buy it now priced at US$750,000. The auction is scheduled to end on 7th June 2007. It is located at Las Vegas but you can grab it without additional shipping fees to any corner of the planet Earth. Full with Austrian SWAROVSKI Crystals, it is the only one instrument available for sale world-wide. PIANODISC Player System installation is also available. I previously wrote about the smallest piano ever build: The Grand Pianist. I consider that an expensive toy. If you know any piano which is more expensive than this Swarovski thing, please tell me at the comment section.


Ops… wait a minute! Still remember John Lennon’s piano bought by British pop star George Michael with £1.45 million? He donated the collector’s item to the Virginia Tech University massacre victims, where 33 people died after student Seung-Hui Cho went on a killing spree in April 2007.

And there is another John Lennon piano up for sale for US$375,000. The upright grand piano was part of the Record Plant Recording Studios in New York where the former Beatle recorded his 1971 Imagine album.

Do you know any expensive piano that might miss Pianologist’s radar?

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