Ethan Bortnick – 6 years old Piano Prodigy

I watched some of this piano prodigy’s video at his website, I am really impressed by 6 years old Ethan Bortnick.

Fun facts about Ethan:

  • His feet are too short to reach the pedals. Sometimes he had to stand in order to reach the pedals.
  • He was paid $400 for a 15 minutes performance
  • Recorded his own CD
  • Able to play 200 songs by heart (no sheet music)
  • Only 6 years old!
  • Start playing piano at age 3 – self taught
  • His parents don’t play the piano
  • Possess perfect pitch ability – be able to identify musical notes without references.
  • Composed his own song after a few months piano lessons

It’s been said that the problem with prodigies is that they would soon wear themselves out one day. With the acception of a few, many of them didn’t turn out to be great musicians in the end. Read up on this article of Why People Quit Learning PIano.

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For details, refer link:

For piano prodigy, music is easy as A-B-C

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