Chromatone CT-312 Keyboard| Let you stretch over 11th note with Ease!

It looks more like a typewriter to most people. But it is indeed the latest keyboard based on Janko keyboard layout designed by Paul von Janko back in 1882. As a pianist, you will appreciate what this innovative, yet having centuries old history keyboard can help you achieve finger stretch over 11th notes!

Chromatone is a Japanese company that created the CT-312. Indicated in the name, it has 312 keys!! about 4 times the size of 88-keys piano. But don’t worry, it was stacked up nicely for you to stretch wider interval easily.

Figure 1: Janko keyboard layout.

Figure 2: Chromatone CT-312

Watch the CT-312 in action in this funky tune – Together by a Japanese artist ?????. This is a very nice tune!

Reference: Technabob

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  • anonymous

    Reply Reply August 24, 2008

    that thing looks like a computer keyboard. basically it looks very confusing and impossible to play.

  • mats

    Reply Reply January 12, 2009

    Where can i buy one?! :(( it’ really hard to track one down! i you guys have any idea email me at: mchncl [at] gmail [dot] com

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