Buy the King’s Piano at eBay

Starting bid at US $250,000, king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley’s piano is on auction.

From Elvis Presley’s music room in Graceland, serial #70545, and refinished to Elvis’ personal specifications under his direct supervision in white with gold highlighted trim; together with a piano bench, the white vinyl covered cushion on gold colored metal legs.  Together with certificate of authenticity from Jack Marshall, Ron Blackwood, George Klein, Ted Sturges, and C B Colthard.Elvis Presley bought this piano as part of his original furnishings of Graceland.  He kept it in the music room at Graceland for twelve years (and it was only replaced when Priscilla gave him a gold leafed piano for their anniversary), between 1957 and 1969 the piano became one of Elvis’ most loved personal musical instruments.

You can buy it and then donate it back when there are people in need. George Michael did exactly that by donating John Lennon’s piano for charity events.

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