Baby Grand Master – for DJ or Pianist?

The Baby Grand Master is designed for DJ/VJ who like to be seen performing like grand pianist.

All these electronic gears are installed inside a baby grand piano case:

© Dual Pioneer DVJ-X1 DVD Players

© Edirol V-4 Video Mixer

© 3 Marshal LCD Monitors

© Slot loading assembly

© Ultra reflective white projection surface

© Allen and Heath Xone 92 Audio Mixer

© Dual 15″ Subwoofers

© 18″ Subwoofer

© 12″ Subwoofer

© 3 Bullet Tweeters

© AB 1100 Watt Power Amplifier

Price?? Very expensive! You can ask for the price at

You can even customized it with optional Hydraulic legs and lid, neon under-lighting and running lights, high gloss lacquer finish in any color, fog and laser assembly. This is a piano without keyboard.

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