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It is not about the beginning of music. That’s the music history. It is about those who still hesitate at the door step, whether to enter the music world as a beginner. MusicBeginnings.com is a brand new blog that convinces people to learn to play music. Operated by the father-son team of Newell and Sam Hardy, they posted the first welcoming article on 18th May 2007. MusicBeginnings.com is our little brother on the Internet 🙂 Pianologist.com was built on March 2007. This made us two months older.

The father Newell is a multi-talented musician who play guitar, the piano, harmonica, steel guitar and a few others musical instrument. Meanwhile Sam works in the tech world and pretty much maintains the website.

I totally agree with Newell who said that to take up music lessons, the first instrument you should start on is the piano. Quoted from the post:

This is true of the serious study of any instrument, but piano is
singular in one aspect – all of the notes available to us as musicians
are laid out in front of us. We can easily see the range of notes, from
low to high, which on the keyboard or piano is from left to right. We
can visualize before us the relationship of one note to another. We can
see how octaves are made up. We can easily learn how different types of
scales are made up, such as minor or major scales. We can see how
chords are formed from the different tones of the scale. For example,
we can understand straightforwardly the difference between major and
minor chords. These types of subjects are considered music theory.
There is no easier way to learn music theory than to study piano.

There are only 9 posts there at the point of writing, including the review of Pianologist.com. I wish that Newell will write more often, at least 3-5 post a week.

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