Top 10 reasons people learn the piano

I learnt piano because my parents asked me to do it. However, I am lucky that they insisted. After some surveys, the top 10 reasons people Learn to Play Piano are:

To impress the opposite sex
Most people are attracted by talented people of the opposite sex. I always admire the American Idol female contestants who can really sing and get compliments from Simon Cowell, especially those who are pretty. This is a human nature.

Parents’ request
For those who Learn to Play Piano starting from young age, it is probably the request of their parents. It happens especially in Asian countries. Parents don’t know their children’s interest unless they let them try. I am in this category.

People who take up piano lessons only when they had grown up is the passion they have for the instrument. They probably coulnd’t afford the lessons when they are young. But they love the piano. They dream that they can play well someday. If you have the passion, I assure you that you will be a great pianist regardless of how old you are now.

Admiring those who can play well
I always admire those who can do slam dunk ๐Ÿ™‚ When we admire somebody who is great in something, we tend to learn to do it ourselves too. You must have seen someone playing the piano gracefully that it motivates you to do the same.

Like to show off their musical talents
It is always great to perform if you have enthusiastic audiences. No matter there is a crowd or just your girl friend watching you playing the piano, it always boost your self-esteem. People feel appreciated if they have the opportunity to show off their special talents.

Everybody can play the piano, I shouldn’t be left out
Some people learn the piano because they have the following the herd attitude. If most people can play the piano, I shouldn’t be omitted.

Excellent therapy for the stress of life
You can express your emotion through playing the piano. There was once when I was so sad, the emotions are all reflected in my piano improvisation.

For the fun
Yes! It is really fun when you can do something that not everyone can do as well as you.

To be able to play the accompaniment for their singing
For this group of person, singing is their first passion. But during the time when karaoke is not so popular, learning the piano is the best alternative.

Thinking that the piano is the easiest musical instrument to learn
The keyboards on the piano is fixed. Practicing the piano is like a target practice. You hit the right key at the right time for the right duration. Isn’t it simple?

If you have different reasons why you learn the piano, please post it in the comments.

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  • koowo

    Reply Reply July 1, 2007

    very good!

    • sunday stephen

      Reply Reply January 15, 2013

      am very serious to learn keyboard if there is anybody who can learn me please contact me 07033667918.thank u.

  • matt

    Reply Reply April 7, 2009

    Im in the passion category. I just looovvveeee the piano, but of course my parents could never afford one. Now I dont have the time, I wanna learn like anything. Id just love to be able to play well, no idea where to start, but start i have!

  • emily

    Reply Reply May 25, 2009

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  • vickeybird

    Reply Reply June 26, 2009

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