Beginners Ear Training (Part 3)

We’ve talked about how to train your ears in hearing difference between the tonic and the dominant chord in Beginners Ear Training (Part 1), and also between the tonic and submediant chord in Beginners Ear Training (Part 2). For those of you who have passed these two exercises, congradulations!!! Those of you who haven’t done so, and feel the need to do so, the link for these two previous posts is at the bottom of this post…. good luck!!! 

Now to strengthen our ears even more, here’s another exercise where I will be pausing the music on three possible chords instead of just two. Your job would be to guess whether I stopped on a Tonic, Dominant or Submediant chord before I reveal the answer and move on to the next.
1) when I say one it means the tonic, five would be for the dominant, and six for submediant
2) Don’t forget to listen to the bass note, the lowest note of the last chord  

Have fun and enjoy….. 🙂

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