Top Five Funny Questions in Piano Playing

When piano playing is a big part of your life, you never know what kind of funny questions you might be asked everyday. You are, however, in the entertainment business. Here is my own top five funny questions that I’ve been asked throughout my piano playing life.

5) For those of you who don’t already know, the usual piano lesson is conducted once a week, and an average student would progress one grade a year, thus achieving 8th grade in about 8 years time.
A guy who is looking for a piano teacher for her daughter approached me one day, and asked me, ‘what if I send my daughter in for a seven days a week lesson, could you make her obtain a grade 7 certificate by the end of the year??’……………..

4) I was playing solo piano in a hotel a few years back. A waitress came up to me and requested for a Britney Spears number, that goes by the title, ‘I was born to make you crazy’… hhmmm….. I never knew Britney did a medley between ‘ I was born to make you happy’ and ‘crazy’ … interesting

3) This happened between two of my musician friends who were performing together for the first time in a restaurant. My singer friend wanted to try out a certain song, and my guitarist friend who was backing her asked whether she knew what key she would prefer to sing that particular song, and she answered, ‘what key?? You talking about my house key or car key?? Why would you want my keys in the middle of a show??’……

2) This happened when I was still a little kid taking his usual once a week piano lesson. I was playing this beautiful song that I’ve been practising the whole week, laying out some nice pedaling to go with the chords, and putting some really sentimental and touching feel to the whole song. To my amazement, my teacher stormed out of her kitchen while I was still halfway into my romantic piece, and shouted to me, ‘What the hell are you doing?? Are you playing for a funeral?? Didn’t you notice the title of the song is “the Entertainer”???!!!’………………

1) The number 1 question, is one that had really left me speechless, asked by one of my most favourite student, a cute little 11 year old girl that you simply have to adore.
I was telling her one day, ‘you better start practising..’ and she replied me with a question, ‘what if I don’t….’

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. I’m sure most of you have your own funny encounters in your music life, please take the time to post them up here in the comment section of this post, and let all the other readers including me have some fun reading it.. 🙂

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  • KCLau

    Reply Reply May 10, 2007

    I used to play piano accompaniment for solo singers. As you mentioned, I always ask what key they want? Once I was asked back,”Is A key higher or D key higher?”:)

  • bena

    Reply Reply May 10, 2007

    “Is A key higher or D key higher?” LOL!!

  • rewsnat

    Reply Reply May 10, 2007

    I once saw KCLau in a band performance. Before the start of a song, he was asking another musician what was the key of the song, and the guy shouted back so everyone could hear him , ‘A key!!!A for elephant…’

  • bena

    Reply Reply May 10, 2007


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