The Secret of Blake Lewis Beatboxing technique acquired

If you watch the season 6 American Idol this year 2007, you will be familiar with this beatboxing master – Blake Lewis. I’ve never seen anyone who can beatbox better than Blake. I just fell in love with his every performance. During the competition, he was interviewed about his secret of beat boxing. He likes the drum but his father just wouldn’t get him a real drum. Under this circumstances – want a drum but couldn’t get one – he was forced to beat box. He use his vocal cord to produce drum hits, scratches and other sound effects. I believe that talent won’t get you there if you don’t have the determination and hard work to practice everyday.


My son is coming out soon.. from his mother’s womb. We would really like him to be one of the greatest pianist in history. In order to get him to achieve that, I decided to copy Blake Lewis learning  experience — Don’t let him own a piano. If I never let my son play the piano, hopefully he will be able to sing pianistically some day!

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