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Here some quick links to other interesting articles I read about piano this week:

Piano Covers Online Ltd wrote about the pianist dilemma. In fact, piano is an instrument which is always out of tune. After you bang it for a few hours, there is a difference from a newly tuned piano. That’s why you hear so many out of tune piano in Youtube video. This is the problem for pianist. We are so used to the out of tune sound and that is why we are normally not so good at hearing pitch.

wrote about the new Yamaha NP30 Digital Piano which debuted at Winter NAMM 2007. This 76-key digital piano offers Yamaha’s first-ever Graded Soft Touch key action. Unlike the even touch of normal digital piano, it is heavier for lower keys and lighter as you play towards higher keys. I used to play on digital piano these days, which has the advantage of not facing the pianist dilemma as described above:) and also save long term tuning fees.

I wrote about the most expensive piano ever. Tom also found other great pianos selling over hundred thousands. He listed them in his blog Music Thing.

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