Sex and Piano

Girls attracted to–>Talented men
Piano players–>Talented men
By ommiting the middle of the equation,
Girls attracted to–>Talented men–>Piano players
We get,
Girls attracted to–>Piano players

Is this a viable equation? And if it is, why am I still a bachelor after so many years of piano playing? Heck, I should be in one of the important case studies for this research.. 🙁

To put this equation in a graphical way, can these two pictures be combined together in any sensible way? This is an open challenge to all you photo modification experts out there.. 😀



I started playing piano professionally with the hope of this..


And I guess I can say the same for many of you guys out there also. Shame on you for not admitting it.. 😛

Well, I guess there’s nothing wrong with a few girls being attracted to you because of your piano playing skills. Just don’t get too carried away in mastering your piano skills like this..


I’m no expert, but my guess is that not many girls are turned on by this type of talent. Maybe some of our female readers can shed some light to this matter. If I’m wrong, I will start practising right away.. 😀

However, it is the duty of we pianologist to seriously remind our fellow readers not to mix up sex and piano.
The equation
Girls attracted to–>Piano players
is not equivalent to
Serious misconception of the equation..

Sex Case 1 – In September 21st, 2005, A leading piano teacher, Victor Makarvo, who is also head of piano studies at the Australian Institute of Music in Sydney, has been found guilty for sex abuse to two of his teenage male students.

Sex Case 2 – June 23rd, 2006, A Sydney music teacher, Neal Richard Winter, who subjected three of his young male students to systematic sex abuse over many years has been sentenced to at least 12 years in jail. Winter had shown no remorse whatsoever for his crimes and had made it clear he did not care about the harm he had caused his victims.

Sex Case 3 – And August 7th, 2007, A 42-year-old Perth piano teacher, Darren Damien Wayne, has been sentenced to six years jail for sex abuse one of his teenage students.


Darren Damien Wayne

What is with australian guys and sex these days?? Any aussies reading this post care to say a few words on this matter??

Anyway, like they always say, there’s no point in forcing love. Guess this is how I will mostly end up…


Playing the piano to the person you love without her knowing it, or hearing it. What a depressing way to end a post, but that’s just the way it is………..

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