Money and Music (Part 3)

This is part 3 of a series of post discussing job opportunities in the music line. We discussed about the possibility of being a performing musician in Money and Music (part 1), and being a music producer in Money and Music (part 2). In this post, we are going to discuss about teaching music.

If you are not too egoistic, just looking for some steady income while enjoying music as you work. If you love to interact with people, or maybe kids especially. This is the right job for you.
Earning a five figure income is not impossible, but rare. Working hours would be like a normal day job, seldom need to burn a midnight oil.
Let’s see what others have to say about their teaching experience..

Here’s another very funny video on music teaching, which I doubt that you will come across in real life..:)

As the saying goes, “those who cannot do teach”. This phrase kind of give all the teachers a big slap in the face, but sad to say, it still holds true to some extent. I have personally known a few piano teachers who couldn’t play a birthday song without the help of a piano score.
However, the essence of being a great music teacher lies not in how well he or she can play, but as to how well the teacher can deal with students each being a different individual with different personality, and how well the teacher can deliver his/her teaching to each student.
In short, the essential ingredient in being a good music teacher is not just how well one can play, but how well one can teach. 

Income stability:8
As mentioned earlier, you need not be a pro to be teaching music, which is also why there are plenty of music teachers out there, especially if you compare them to the number of performers or music producers.
However, need not worry, with some good teaching methods, you are well on your way to be earning a very stable income for many years. Favourite students might even follow you all the way until he/she finish 8th grades ( or even diploma )

Unless you are very keen on interacting with different individuals, teaching music won’t be a very fun job in the long run. Basically you will be teaching students what you already know. Obviously, there isn’t much motivation for you to improve musically. I have personally known many music teacher who literally stayed the way they are for many years..:(

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