Transcription of Joe Sample on Deeper Than You Think

Transcription of Joe Sample Piano Solo on Deeper Than You Think, with video and brief analysis.

In this live collaboration with George Benson, Joe Sample did a beautiful piano solo on the tune “Deeper Than You Think”.

Here’s the video :


Here’s the transcription of the piano solo in PDF format :


The transcription is from 3m04s to 3m47s of the video shown above.

The rest of the solos are imitations of the last two bars in the transcription, with slight rhythmic variations. Watch the video and you will get the idea.

Scales Applied

It can be observed that there wasn’t much technical complexity demonstrated. Instead, the emphasis of the improvisation was to make it simple and catchy, focusing on the articulation of each note and each phrase.

The scale applied here is basically a G# aeolian throughout.

Blue Note

Perhaps the only dissonant element in this solo is the use of the Blue Note.

The blue note of the G# minor blues scale would be the D natural.

Here are a few examples found in the transcription


Bar 4


Bar 6

Enjoy and Have Fun… 😀

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  • vito

    Reply Reply December 12, 2010

    I will ask you ii exist a backing track for guitar of Deeper than you think.
    Thank you very much

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