Speaker Positioning: Home Theater System Setup

Dolby Digital certified Tony who has over 11 years experience in multimedia production made a video teaching how to position your home stereo equipment.
This video shows where you should position you sub-woofer, and satellite speakers of your 5.1 surround system. Learn the better speaker positioning that will enhance your theater experience at home. Currently, only DVD support the surround 5.1 system. However, there are some audio DVD that provide music mixed specifically for surround system playback.

For your information, I don’t have any surround system. I use Yamaha MSP5 studio monitor, as shown in the picture below. It is position 30 degree towards the center of the studio.


My work is still done in stereo, which is the most common format of audio playback. Maybe I’ll invest in a surround system when people start listening to surround music with audio DVD. That’s be more exciting!

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