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I receive a music mp3 from one of the Pianologist readers, Alvin Teh. He is a 21 years old musician whom I met at the Be An Idol website. Due to his enthusiasm in music, we would like to share with you about the music he created.

The file is name GuXiaNG.. I don’t know what it stands for. Play his 3.16 minutes music:


This piece is in C major. Below is the song structure:

0.00-0.30 – Part I – This is the introduction with full warm sustaining pad, some subtle bird chirps and string phrases. The slow melody line is played by single note piano. I suggest that the piano melody to be doubled with octave repetition or 3rd apart with other lead instrument to project the melody.

0.30-1.22 – Part II – A drum loop leads the way in with cunning bass movement. I think this music is not bad at all. Pad layer is reduced. Still got some strings and some synth lead fill in at the background.

1.22-1.30 – a running C major pentatonic scale from high to low, pretty nice.

1.30-2.00 Part III – From C major to A minor modulation. This brings the atmosphere of the song to another level. There is a heavy synthesizer lead or maybe it is a distortion guitar playing through this section. Adequate reverb and synth pad strengthen the climax. The drum loop is process with some filters. I felt that the running kick drum is additional towards 2.00 minute. I would prefer that part to be silent, except the fade out pads.

2.00-2.51 – Part IV – This section is similar to Part II. But the drum kit or loops was changed. The new drum kit is processed with filters. I would prefer the main drum kit to be similar as Part II. The reason is that it is a norm for an arranger to keep the same drum kit throughout a song so that audience will get the significant sounds. However, music is subjective. You can do whatever you like for your own composition.

2.52-3.16 – Part V – This part is the ending of the song. The tempo is slowed down towards the end. But the pad is not faded out. Alvin should use a volume envelope to process the fade out.

Suggestions for improvement:

Program the drum loop or play it with your keyboard instead of using excessive drum loop. Some drum loops are good, but using it extensively won’t get your skill improved.

2. You can play the melody part with different instruments. Some background patch can be moved to the front by playing the melody.

There is a strong Chinese flavor, due to the pentatonic major scale. Overall, I would say that this is a well done piece of music. Applause for Alvin.

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  • aLviN_tEH

    Reply Reply April 17, 2007

    Hi everyBody,thanks for the comment ya ,& i would like to thanks Mr.KClau too to giving me this opportunity.

    Actually,this is my first time in doing composing & arranging, so there re many skILl & KnowLedge that i still hav to learn and also have to be Improve.

    Thank again to everybody~!

  • KCLau

    Reply Reply April 17, 2007

    seems like you are a talented guy to be able to create some great music. Keep on the good work!

  • Doreen

    Reply Reply June 10, 2007

    wow… thanx! i learn something new today! im a new arranger. trying to look for more references and tips online. I am very lucky that i found this webpage. thanx.. really… thanx a lot! will come in more often to learn more things.

  • KCLau

    Reply Reply June 14, 2007

    welcome to our community. Wish that you will learn something new each day from

  • yison

    Reply Reply October 23, 2007

    I am so glad to hear Chinese music from a foreign website, by the way, I am 21 too, however, my music is much poorer compared to the music above. But I love music, I just want to imprvoe my music, I have a song “Qing yu dian” , if it’s possible, can Mr.KClau give some comments to my song. Here the music link: Thank you very much.

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