How to buy a good piano at half the price

Buying a piano is like buying a car; you know the value of your investment is going down the older it gets. However, the good thing about a piano is that it can be refurbished until it is as good as brand new, unlike the condition of a car, which deteriorate exponentially with time. This offers piano buyers a great economic opportunity, to purchase a quality product at half the price. 

That is why Piano Restoration has been a growing trend these days, and Lindeblad Piano Restoration is a leader in this field, with outstanding craftsmanship that comes from four generations of experience in piano refurbishing. Check out these videos to see how they work. The thing that strikes me the most is that they are using authentic parts, which is a big plus for any customer. Imagine buying a used car but with a new engine installed. 

A new steinway may cost up to $80k, which is more than twice the price of most of the pianos sold here. Check out the impressive inventory gallery of this site, with tons of Steinway Grands For Sale at unbelievable prices.  You can also contact them if you own a used piano which needs quality Piano Refinishing work.

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