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ChordStudio is a free site that let you create a full length music arrangement with just a few clicks using your computer mouse. chords from the chord chart
2. select the instruments: guitar, drums, piano, organ etc
3. hit play and your arrangement will play repetitively. This probably just take a few seconds to accomplish
4. tempo is adjustable
5. different verse, bridge and chorus can be arrange using the Page Order field.

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I personally think that this is a great website. It is very simple to use and you can have a good sounding karaoke (minus 1 track) for your demo created in no time.

ChordStudio also offer an offline version which you can use all the loops and create demos with vocals for $99. When you create an original song with vocals, send them your mp3 and it may be featured as “ChordStudio Song of the Week”.

In the future, they will integrate different musical styles like jazz and rock to more versatile programming.

Recommended book on Music Arrangement:

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