Original song: Speak ??

It has been years since I first determined to write a song which can be sold to major label artist. I asked for advices from Wei Guan, my senior who is also a song writer who wrote the song ?????????. He said his song writing process is simple. He will take about an hour time sitting down in front of his keyboard. Pushing the record button, then start playing whatever flash through his mind.

I tried his method. I do it a bit differently. I put on my condenser microphone and the head phone. Then I start playing the piano while singing any melody flashes through my mind. The melody humming is recorded as wave form in Sonar. The piano accompaniment is recorded in MIDI format. I only try to write the chorus part. After it goes on for about 30 minutes, there are already more than 10 songs recorded. Each song only has the chorus part written.

The chorus of this song “Speak” is composed in this way. One day, an old friend contacted me and said that he is so free and creative at this moment. I passed him the demo of the chorus part and he gave me the lyrics at the same day! Wow.. since there are only chorus part written, he also provided some lyrics for the verse and pre-chorus. So wrote the rest of the songs a few days later.

???? Lyrics – Speak

Piano Sheet – Speak ?? ????


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  • sada

    Reply Reply October 29, 2014

    Very nice methods
    Specially starting with hook first
    And karaoke of unknown tracks

    Thank alot

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