Night Cat Lead Guitarist Featured in my Album Track

I am still busy with day to day business and at the meanwhile, working on my up coming album. In order to create better music for my audience and supporters, I lucky enough to gain help from Conan Teo, the famous guitarist and band leader of Night Cat, Johor, Malaysia. I’ve known Conan for years and he had played most of the guitar tracks in my first album.

I sent my music work files to him weeks ago, and got back the guitar track in CD in my mailbox few days ago. After a few hours of work, I finally get another mix of the song Speak ????. You can listen to a part of the original guitar distortion track:

Original guitar solo:guitar-clean.mp3

After added in reverb, tube amp effects and also automated volume envelope control, here is the final mix of my song.

Final mix:after-mixed.mp3

Thanks to Conan for his help and support. You can watch the performance by Night Cat at Youtube.

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  • Conan

    Reply Reply July 16, 2007

    Hi KC, thanks for providing the opportuinity and believing. You have your gifts and you will definitely make your day. Missed the old days when we performed piano + guitar duets at The Hyatt Hotel lounge.

  • KCLau

    Reply Reply July 16, 2007

    Conan, thanks for helping out 🙂 really appreciate it.

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