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It has been 10 years since my last participation in a music contest. The last one is the Malaysian Patriotic Songs Composition Competition, which I made it to the final. Recently, I entered the Audiojungle’s Composition Challenge which I stand a chance to win an Mbox 2 Pro.

The only prize that will go to the only winner is the irresistible Deigidesign Mbox 2 Pro! This gear is a portable, high-definition audio/MIDI production system that delivers truly professional sound quality. Packing an impressive variety of connection options into a compact interface, that puts powerful multi-track recording and mixing capabilities into your hands.

I am lucky enough that my entry made it to the top 20 which are shortlisted by a team judge panel. But in order to win, where there will only be one winner, the music entry will need to be the most voted by public.

I really appreciate it if you can go to the voting page to give me a vote. My entry is the No.2 – Quange’s Entry. At the point of writing, I only has 6 votes while the most voted entry got 112. I am still long way to go to win the prize. But if you can lend me a helping hand, I think it is possible to overtake the other entries.

If you have the time to read through the comments on that post, you may find out that my music is one of the most favorite and popular entry. I am still way behind because I am yet to do any promotion about the contest.

These are the comments from other musicians who had listened to all the music entries:

From Fulinstrume:

Quange’s entry – it was my favourite since uploading. It differs from another tracks, has it’s own climate. Also very simple, but catchy, choirs in background just adds that “thing” to it. It fits ideally to romantic, family films, when overall happiness flows everywhere. Crashes are too loud in the mix, to recompensate that higher notes in piano track You should add some notes played by left hand (I think about panorama). Well done for me.

From Cube3:

Fulinstrumentale, from the ones that where selected by the judges, objectively Quange’s is my favourite as well, when I look at the assignment he executed that pretty much flawlessly. I know other musicians here favor him too.

it has only 2 votes at the time of this writing, somehow that just doesn’t seem right.

You can help to vote up my music here. (Remember my entry is No.2 – Quange’s Entry).
Thanks in advanced!

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  • Cube3

    Reply Reply October 6, 2008

    You are going well. At this rate you might win!

  • KCLau

    Reply Reply October 8, 2008

    You are getting a lot of votes too.

  • Dan the Music Master

    Reply Reply December 11, 2008

    Good luck. It would be nice for you place after ten years of absence from the composition contest scene.

    • KCLau

      Reply Reply January 3, 2009

      @ Dan
      Thanks music master 🙂

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