Bill Evans Autumn Leaves Transcription of Solo

Bill Evans, one of the most influential american jazz pianist of the 20th century. Countless studies have been made on his use of left hand harmonies, but what i want to focus on here is his beautifully improvised melody lines. Here I have for you guys is my transcription of his solo also through the…

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Play your favourite Nintendo music on Piano

Daniel Brown, a very young pianist living at Virginia documented most of the Nintendo game music. Those piano songs include music from Mario Bros and Final Fantasy IV. This site is recommended for intermediate and advanced pianist. Daniel arranged most of the songs and most of them even comes with complete sheet score. If you…

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Learning Jazz Standard: How High The Moon

This is my transcription of the solos in the song “how high the moon”, dee dee bridgewater version. Attached to this post are the vibraphones, trumpet and saxophone solos in that song. Plenty of 2-5-1 turnaround in that tune, will be very useful to any jazz learners out there. check out the technical review attachments…

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