Acoustic/Digital Hybrid Piano – The Yamaha AvantGrand N3

Imagine a digital piano sounds exactly like an acoustic grand piano. That’s what reviewers think about Yamaha’s Avantgrand N3. The selling street price is US$15,000. According to Keyboard Magazine review, the touch, the sounds, and the realism of N3 is comparable to a US$30,000 six-foot grand piano. This is without considering the extra features such…

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Top 14 Coolest Pianos

Here is a list of 14 cool and unusual pianos, compiled by
My personal favorite is the transparent piano because it will be fascinating to see the hammer and pedal actions in full clarity.

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Jamey Ray: The One-armed professional Pianist

When people are still arguing whether they are too old to start learning the piano, one-armed pianist Jamey Ray had formed his band and working on his coming album.

He proves to us that regardless of our age, gender, fingers’ length, everyone and anyone can excel in piano playing. He did it just with 5 fingers.

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Improvising on the piano to strangers (over the Internet)

This guy is really funny. I can do the same stuff, but not in English of course 🙂

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Portable piano + MP3 player: You can transcribe and jam anywhere

This is a very useful invention indeed only if the keyboard touch feels a lot like the real thing. I play my grand piano while listening to the music I want to transcribe on iPhone ear-piece. Piano Silhouette is a sort of combination of the two. How good is it? The Piano Silhouette is 12…

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Find piano to play on the street: “Play me, I’m Yours”

Isn’t it fun to find a piano when you are walking down the street? Just sit down and play your favorite tune. You can even sing to the people who walk by.

This is an international touring public art project called “Play me, I’m yours”, started by artist Luke Jerram. More than 30 pianos were installed at public places like public parks, busy street, and train stations.

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Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi amazing Piano Rendition

A 12-year-old school kid performed (singing on the piano) Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. He did a great job with unique piano chops and magnificent vocal performance.

The video capture of the performance was posted by himself on youtube creating a buzz! More than 7 million views in two weeks!!

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Pleyel only make 25 pianos a year

Facing the competition of piano makers from China and Korea, the world’s oldest piano firm and the last still operating in France, Pleyel has stopped making the conventional piano. Instead, they are now focusing on innovative design. If you have never heard of Pleyel before, they used to make piano for the Polish composer Frederic Chopin.

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Play Beyonce Irreplaceable on iPhone

There is a very young, pretty, talented, and creative girl playing three iPhones and sing like a superstar in this video. You simply shouldn’t miss it! Meet Applegirl002. First, she program the drum beat rhythm pattern on the first iPhone. Then she plays guitar (strumming) on the second iPhone and sings in perfect pitch. So…

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